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Delson Technology believes in:

  • Focusing on direct communications with manufacturers
  • Building strong personal business relationships
  • Customer First Approach
  • Win-Win Situation, based on trust, Quality & Professionalism


  • Delson has business alliances with major DRAM foundry & IDM companies,such as ProMos.
  • Delson has kept the flexibility, availability,and established strong partnerships with leading IC design companies, providing solution from different product segments.


We create value products and maintain high standards with quality specification control, throughout all the steps in a highly efficient manufacturing process, to provide world class leading edge technology.


To meet customers’ special demands, Delson works closely with assembly sub-contractors to achieve the best packages equipped with advanced, highly functional, high-performance DRAM technology. Delson demonstrates trust in the program to monitor package reliabilities, and ensures the mechanical integrity of every package type produced by each production facility.